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What do we offer?
Complete and competent attribution of image and video content which is adapted for the efficient stock representation as much as possible (including title, description and relevant keywords only)

Convenient service for the self-attribution of your content.
Why should I use Keywording?
We want photographers to scale their business
Relevant keywords
We know how to attribute your images with relevant keywords so they reach top position in stock search engines.
Fast attribution
You will receive a package of attributed images with all metadata no later than 48 hours after uploading.
We do the routine so you can focus on things that are important. Master your skills, don't waste time metadata.
You get free attribution for your first photos or videos.
100% safe
We do not keep your images after attributing and guarantee that none of them would be ever used elsewhere.
You pay only for the attribution, there is no monthly fee!
95% of clients continue their successful cooperation right from the start of our service.
Steps of work
Upload your content
Upload your content to the system
Send to attributation
Choose stock for which the attribution will occur
Download your files
You get the attributed files in 48 hours
Downloading files to stocks
Attribution for FREE
You can attribute your content for free with our robot
or sending work our specialists
You pay only for the attribution, there is no monthly fee!
We provide specialists to attribute your content with every single photo or video

0.48$ for 1 point
1 point per photo
2 points per video
What payment systems do you work with?
At the moment, you can pay by PayPal payment system or any bank card
How long does Keywording take?
Typically, this is 48 hours in rare cases when we have a very huge amount of uploading is a bit more, in this case we further inform you about it when sending content to Keywording.
How long is the file stored after Keywording?
The originals are stored for 14 days, previews and metadata in CSV format are stored unlimited amount of time
What is included in the cost of attribution?
Title, Description and up to 50 keywords.
How long will my funds be available for use?
There is no time limit.
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