Our clientage:
-Photographers, videographers, and designers who are lacking skills of professional video and image attribution.

- Professional stockers who are willing to delegate the skilled specialists to take care of the attribution issues and use their valuable time for generating new marketable stock content.

- Companies that create exclusively high-quality classified and easy-to-use photobanks.
What do we offer?
- Complete and competent attribution of image and video content which is adapted for the efficient stock representation as much as possible (including title, description and relevant keywords only)

- Convenient service for the self-attribution of your content.
Why use our service:
- We provide specialists to attribute your content with every single photo, video or vector image being attributed individually and we assure that no occasional or irrelevant keywords are included. Our workers have an advanced level of written and spoken English; they are aware of ways to raise stock photos ranking for the best results in the search systems by using only top relevant keywords.

-95 % of clients continue their successful cooperation right from the start of our service.

- We appreciate your time and the total attribution takes no longer than 48 hours!

-It is 100% safe to cooperate with us as we do not save any images after the attribution and exclude their usage in the future; the formal offer agreement ensures the observance of copyright for every client.

-The usage of our service is more than 50% profitable than hiring a skilled keyworder and is 100% reliable as we provide twenty-four-hour technical support service.

-Our clients may leave their wishes for the attribution approach because our service is based on individual attention to everyone!

-As noted by our customers the professional attribution increases photo sales by at least 30%, even a high-quality image is hard to be sold without relevant keywording.

- You pay only for the attribution, there is no monthly fee!

Your time and energy are more valuable and expensive than being our clients! Use your time to create new photos, videos, and vector images and you will gain great income and fulfillment! Do not ruin your inspiration with routine work - entrust it to the professionals